Dance to the Music

Dance is the universal language of mankind. Guangxi, as one of the place of holding the event this year, is home to the Zhuang people, one of the Chinese ethnic minorities, who have their own unique dance.

Let’s learn folk dance of the Zhuang people and show your favorite dance. Let’s Dance!

1、Submit a video lasting for 1 minute, including first 30 seconds of the dance following the demo video and the remaining 30 seconds of free dance (free selection of music).
2、Participants may be individuals or teams (all team members must be the participants of the 5th Belt and Road Teenager Maker Camp & Teacher Workshop).
3、Upload the dance video to the official website after being recorded, and invite friends and relatives to vote. The top 10 dance videos with the most votes each week will be prominently displayed on the official website.
4、All participating students and teachers will be awarded certificates and the top 10 video makers with the most votes will be awarded special certificates at the end of the event.
5、The voting system is based on IP address. Each IP address can vote for multiple works daily. For a certain work, each IP address can vote for it once in every 2 hours, and with 10 votes at most in a day.
Video requirements:
(1) Videos should be shot in landscape mode;
(2) Resolution should be 1080 or above;
(3) Videos should be in MP4 format;
(4) Characters should take the center stage and occupy about 1/3 of the whole picture;
(5) A fixed tripod or stabilizer is required to avoid handheld movement;
(6) The surroundings should be bright enough and noise-free.