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Title:Relationship between water resources and plant in Grojogan Coban Sewu waterfall
Team member:WardaniSuci Meika,RahmatMuhammad Daniy,Wulida PratamaRifqi Zakiyul Fuad,BintangMohammad Anugrah
Illustrate:We will conduct research on the Grojogan Coban Sewu waterfall. This waterfall is located in Pujon sub-district, Malang city, East Java. The waterfall has a height of 81 meters from the surface of the pool water, the shape of a punchbowl waterfall is characterized by water that descends narrowly and then spreads over a wide pool. This study aims to determine the sustainability of the ecological system in the waterfall by measuring the water ph level, air humidity temperature, soil pH, light intensity, soil moisture, and measuring water flow. We use a hygrometer, ph meter, and soil tester. The methods we use are observation, exploration, and measurement methods. As a result, the Grojogan Coban Sewu waterfall has a water pH of 7.1, a humidity of 26C, soil moisture of 2.5, and a pH of 8. There are many cultivated plant’s especially vegetables crops including tomatoes, beans, chilies, watercress, and cabbage.
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